10 Simple Strategies to Grow Your Business

Learn the 10 strategies that consistently deliver growth in my clients businesses.

Grow Your Business E-Book by Lindsay King

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What you get...

Included in my 10 Simple Strategies to Grow your Business.

  • How to maximise your Pricing and Margins.
  • The 5 fundamentals to supercharge your business.
  • Understanding how Cash beats Profit.
  • Getting a big edge in your marketing approach.
  • How the right team of people can fuel higher saleable value.
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What you’ll learn in this guide

This e-book is intended as a guide for business owners looking for ways to revitalise their thinking, to re-focus on growing their business and on generating higher returns for their hard work and long hours. 

I shine the light on some simple practical strategies that, depending on your own particular circumstances, can drive new significant positive momentum and results in your business. 

I’ve showcased 10 separate strategies, from real client situations, where I’ve uncovered genuine “low hanging fruit” for growth and returns. In businesses across multiple industries and with revenues ranging from 500K p.a. to $10M p.a. that I’ve helped over the last 20+ years. 

My suggestion is to find a friend/brainstorm partner you can trust, dedicate 2 hours of uninterrupted time to meet each week, and give 1 or 2 of these strategies each week deep & detailed consideration with a totally open mind. To flush out how you might extract improvement via various tweeks and changes. Do this every week and watch things change. It's about continuous improvement.


Why this e-book ?

Having worked alongside over 400+ small/medium businesses over many years, I’m constantly saddened by how little support most owners of smaller businesses have. The isolation that occurs from having no strategy team holds many owners back massively. Contrast that with larger businesses with their senior management team on tap every day, where growth plans and strategies get discussed within the senior team constantly. My big objective is to help bridge that gap for SME's.


Giving owners a helping hand drives me. I've owned 3 businesses myself. My sweet spot is being an experienced objective sounding board for owners, a trusted brainstorming partner, to bring honesty, financial acumen, and an objective perspective to their business.


If you're looking for support, or a conversation to explore how I might help you,  I invite you to schedule a free connect call in my calendar below. 


“Our revenue has grown 10-fold since Lindsay began working with us. We could not have achieved this significant increase in our profitability without his help and advice."

Peter and Sonia Harrison, Fish River Roasters